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May 9 is National Lost Sock Memorial Day

Have you ever lost a sock? Where do they go? Does the dryer really eat them? Is the washer the culprit? Do they run away, looking for a more hospitable foot?

Spirit Sox USA is commemorating this national day of sadness by holding a contest over on my LinkedIn page. I’d love to have you participate!

Just submit a picture of your favorite socks when I put out the call on LinkedIn. I’ll narrow the field to four and let my followers pick their favorite. The winner will get their own custom socks, designed by me and my team!

Let’s connect on LinkedIn so you don’t miss out!

A Sock-Sess Story

Nation’s Classroom

I loved working with Nation’s Classroom, an organization that gives educational student tours and class trips that are simple and gratifying for educators; all-inclusive and reasonably priced for parents; and, most importantly, safe, meaningful and inspiring for students.

They want to help kids experience the world through travel and I’m definitely behind that! They’ll give these cool socks to their tour guides both as a gift and as a way to promote their brand wherever their tours take place.

Looking to build your brand and give a gift at the same time? Everyone loves custom socks! Just shoot me an email!

Sock of the Month

Denton Dash

The 10th Annual Denton Dash, a fundraiser for Denton (Texas) school district senior scholarships, is coming up on May 7. For the first time, they’re offering socks as part of the fundraiser to increase participation and donations. Their socks are so popular that they’ve already come back and increased their quantity by 50%.

They were fortunate to find a sponsor for the socks so they get to keep 100% of the profits for their worthy cause!

Securing a sponsor for your sock purchase is a great way to raise more money. If you’re raising funds for a cause or charity, reach out to me — I’ve been doing this a long time and have tons of ideas to boost your donations! I’m happy to help!

Upcoming Sock-Worthy Events

custom socks from Spirit Sox USA
Celebrate with Socks

June 1: National Say Something Nice Day
June 2: National Leave The Office Early Day
June 4: National Trails Day
June 10: National Movie Night
June 14: National Flag Day
June 17: National Take Back the Lunch Break Day
June 24: National Take Your Dog to Work Day
June 30: National Handshake Day

Let’s Be Pen Pals!

cropped photo of owner Lisa Riggs

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