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Sustainable Bamboo Socks

We've been working hard to bring our custom,
sustainable bamboo socks to you.
  • Extremely soft, with maximum durability.
  • Produced more sustainably than cotton and other commonly available textiles.
  • Natural deodorizer with superior breathability
Product Name 200 500 1000 2500+
Eco-Friendly Bamboo Athletic Socks $9.39 $8.89 $7.89 Contact for Quote

Why Choose Our Eco-Friendly Bamboo Athletic Socks?

Unlike cotton, polyester, and nylon blends, bamboo fabrics are capable of acting as natural deodorizers and dependable insulators thanks to their micro-porous structure. It’s also this structure that leaves bamboo cloth softer than fabrics made of cotton and other popular textiles.  

We’ve taken this incredible cloth and designed a perfect pair of socks with the ability to stretch and conform to difficult curves, allowing them to hug like a second skin and leave you walking on clouds. Socks made from sustainable bamboo will continually return to their original form after hundreds of wears and runs through the wash! We guarantee you’ll find these socks so lightweight and breathable; you’ll forget you’re wearing them at all. Our socks also come with sustainable packaging options to make your purchase wholly eco-friendly.

What Makes Bamboo Socks Sustainable?

Thanks to recent innovations in textile technology, developing fabrics are able to be produced more sustainably and ethically than ever before, while providing superior texture and durability when compared to traditional textiles. Today, we’re bringing you the cream of the crop– bamboo socks, sourced from sustainably produced bamboo. 

Bamboo grows incredibly fast– at 12 inches of growth a day, it takes just three to four years to go from seed to harvest. Thanks to its natural hardiness, it’s able to be grown in environments unsuitable for other crops. Bamboo crops require little to no outside irrigation. These incredible grasses rely primarily on rainfall, and once seeded, farmers rarely need to do so again. Bamboo develops a robust root network as it matures, re-growing and replenishing on its own and eliminating the need for tilling and replanting. This also eliminates the need for pesticide and fertilizer use. Together, these factors contribute to making bamboo production more sustainable than many other commercially available fabrics, such as cotton. 

“Lisa and Spirit Sox USA are awesome! So impressed! I'm sure we were not their easiest customer, as we had very specific requirements for our company socks and masks. But Lisa was amazing! She's a model for anyone who deals with customers and wants to do it right. And the product? First class!”
Neil L.
Founder & CEO
“Our customized socks—representing our maple syrup company—turned out fantastic! Lisa worked with us through the design phase, giving us several options, and she listened to all of our questions. We would highly recommend working with Spirit Sox USA!”
Will W.
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