30 05/ 30/ 2019

The Benefits of Wearing Socks to Bed

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Wearing socks to bed has a number of health and comfort benefits. Socks can help regulate body temperature, leading to a better night's sleep.

13 05/ 13/ 2019

Spirit Sox USA Top 5: History of Socks

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The word “sock” is actually from the old English word “socc,” which was originally derived from the Latin word “soccus.”

25 10/ 25/ 2017

Meeting a State Senator at a Grad Night Fundraiser!

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Two-weeks ago, I had my table selling socks at the football game while cheering on our Panthers. Up walks, Jim Beall, a California State Senator that I admire and have voted for. I kinda got my geek on and got a little star struck by Jim - it’s pretty cool to meet a State Senator at your son’s football game!

6 10/ 06/ 2017

We’re “In the Spotlight” with Jumpanzee

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Not only did Jumpanzee create Spirit Sox USA’s great explainer video, but they also chose us to be their Customer Spotlight.