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Frequently Asked Questions

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Each pair of socks is individually packaged, making them easy to sell and store.

Spirit Sox are made from scratch. We take your unique design, buy the yarn in only your colors and custom-knit the socks specifically for you. This creates high-quality socks that are comfortable and durable — and unlike any others in the world.


The production process for custom-knit socks can take four to six weeks once the design is finalized and the order is placed. If you have a specific date in mind for your socks, we’ll work backward to find the right date to place your order and ensure an on-time, stress-free delivery.

Spirit Sox are built to be practical and simple no matter what you use them for. Part of that simplicity is that Spirit Sox come in two sizes: youth or adult. The youth sizes generally fit elementary school kids, and the adult sizes are generally recommended for middle school and above.

This simplified offering means you won’t have to try to guess sizes like other apparel. Distribution is easier, and you won’t end up with that inevitable leftover box of odd sizes!

Want to see the sizing and quality for yourself? Free samples are available – just ask!

Of course not! Spirit Sox come in many different lengths and styles. We offer crew, knee-high, and ankle length in athletic socks. We also have dress socks, fuzzy socks, tie-dye socks and even eco-friendly bamboo socks! See all the styles we have to offer!

What can’t you do with customized socks? They make a great client giveaway or employee gift for businesses. Schools, bands, sports teams and dance groups love using them for fundraisers. Socks are a popular gift for almost any occasion, including 5Ks, golf tournaments, galas — even as wedding favors!

We’re always amazed at the creative uses for customized socks our customers have come up with. We can’t wait to help you with your idea!

Of course! You should place your order whenever it works best for you. Just remember that production can take four to six weeks, so those who pre-order will have a short wait if you begin offering your socks before you’ve ordered from us.

You can cut the wait down by starting your pre-order after you place your Spirit Sox order. This helps bridge the weeks of production and build excitement and sales.

But don’t forget: Sales usually skyrocket when people can see the socks for themselves and notice others wearing them, so don’t worry if your pre-orders aren’t what you expected.

We all know fundraising is challenging, but the best sales tactic is to identify what’s important to your audience and create your Spirit Sox message around that. Are you raising money for a cause? Does the school need a new playground? Are you using the socks as a donation incentive? Crafting your message to pull at the heartstrings of your audience can be a key factor toward your successful fundraiser.

Our minimum order is 100 pairs. This minimum is per size and per design.


Remember all designs are free and no-obligation, so don’t hesitate to reach out to find out how Spirit Sox can help you fundraise for your organization or grow your business.

The funds you raise will be determined by multiple factors, but the good news is that you’re in the driver’s seat!


First, the price you pay for your Spirit Sox (based on the quantity you need), will be the primary factor in how much you bring in. (See our pricing.)


From there, you control your profits by choosing your sales price. However, we always recommend thinking of your audience first and setting a price point that’s reasonable for your area and buyers.


Aren’t sure what to do? We’re here to share success stories and help you brainstorm so you can raise as much as possible for your organization or cause.

There are many checks and balances throughout the production process to ensure your socks are exactly what you’re expecting.

Once your order is sent to production, our team produces a working sample and sends it to us at corporate so we can be sure it’s just right before mass production begins. We pay special attention to color correctness and the accuracy of the design.

You’re part of the process too — you’ll get photos of the sample pair and give your final approval. This important step ensures you’re 100% satisfied!

The production time for our custom socks varies based on design complexity and order size. Small orders with simple designs can be ready in as little as a week from design approval, while larger or more detailed orders typically take 2-4 weeks. Our high-quality, custom-knit socks, along with our customized, bulk-produced sublimated socks, have a standard production time of 3-4 weeks due to their quality and customization level. Expedited production may be available for an additional fee, but it's uncommon for any orders to be completed in under 2 weeks. For specific timelines and expedited options, we recommend checking directly with us.

High-quality socks are crafted to endure the test of time and foot traffic. With proper care, such as washing with similar fabrics, avoiding bleach, and tumble drying on low, a good pair can comfortably accompany your feet for several years, even with regular use. The lifespan varies but typically ranges between 1 to 3 years, and sometimes even longer if they're treated with exceptional care.

Adding a logo to socks can be accomplished through several methods, with knitting the logo directly into the sock during manufacturing being the most durable and high-quality option. For pre-made socks, techniques like embroidery, screen printing, or heat transfer are alternatives, each offering different textures and durability, tailored to various needs and preferences. We specialize in knitting logos into socks, ensuring high quality by using yarn colors specific to your design from the start. This approach eliminates the appearance of white lines when the sock is stretched, providing a seamless and professional look. This method is our preferred approach, reflecting our commitment to delivering the highest quality custom socks for our clients.

Printing designs on socks is an art that demands precision and quality, making sublimation printing the preferred choice for achieving vibrant, full-color designs that seamlessly stretch with the sock material without cracking, thus preserving both the design's beauty and longevity. While direct-to-garment printing offers detailed designs on cotton socks, it lacks the stretch resilience of sublimated prints. We elevate this process further by employing 3D sublimated printing, the apex of sublimation techniques, which not only ensures the highest quality outcomes but also allows designs to wrap completely and uniformly around the socks, eliminating gaps or distortions. This method guarantees that our socks are adorned with vivid, enduring designs that remain intact and striking, even when stretched, providing superior aesthetic and functional quality over traditional methods.

Creating a sock design starts with a vision and transferred to Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. You can draft your ideas using graphic design software, which allows for precise control over colors and patterns. The design should consider the sock's stretch, ensuring that the pattern looks good when worn. Collaborating with a sock manufacturer or a professional designer can also help to ensure the technical aspects of the design are feasible for production.

Socks can be made from a variety of materials, each offering unique benefits. Common choices include cotton for its softness and breathability, polyester for durability and color retention, wool for its warmth, and spandex or elastane for flexibility. A blend of these materials often yields a sock that is comfortable, durable, and maintains its shape and design even after many washes. Additionally, we offer eco-friendly bamboo socks as a sustainable option. Bamboo socks surpass standard cotton in moisture-wicking capabilities, softness, and antimicrobial properties. Moreover, bamboo is a sustainable resource, making bamboo socks an environmentally friendly choice that doesn’t sacrifice comfort or quality.

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