5% of all profits go towards providing socks to the homeless


Custom Quarter Crew Socks

Highlight your brand or message on quality quarter socks!
• High-quality knit cotton/nylon blend
• Completely customized designs for your bulk orders
• Comfortable and reinforcing material

Pricing is based on quantity and style.  Please contact us for a quote today.  

Our prices are per design and include high-quality custom knit socks, all set-up fees, multiple colors, multiple designs, individually packaged socks, and top-notch customer service. In other words, there will be no surprise fees at the end of our process, just a little bit for shipping and sales tax, if applicable. All items are available in youth and adult sizes at the same price.

How It Works

Quarter crew socks are like the cool rebels of the sock kingdom. They are the hippest, most stylish revolutionaries you can slip your feet into. But what exactly are these trendy foot protectors and why are they so popular? Well, picture this: they’re like a secret meeting between ankle and crew socks, resulting in the ultimate sock hybrid!

Characteristics, you ask? Oh, they’ve got it all! Quarter cut crew socks love to party just above your ankle, covering the sneaky Achilles’ heel, providing a cozy little hug to your foot without scaling too high up your calf. Our custom quarter sock designs are crafted with a blend of top-rated materials dependent on your needs, like soft cotton and stretchy spandex, to ensure a snug fit that still lets your feet breathe. You can look stylish without burning up with this “in-between” sock type.

Did we mention this style’s versatility?! Quarter length crew socks are all about flexibility so can get the best of both worlds for your big, small, wide, or narrow feet. Whether you’re strolling around town, dominating the dance floor, smashing it in sports, or just chilling on the couch with a bag of popcorn, these socks have your back…uh, feet!

Quality Materials, Quality Production

Why Spirit Sox

design icon
Flexible design process

An expert designer creates custom dress sock mockups you can tweak to your heart’s content.

custom design icon
Custom, not templated

We find the best way to showcase your logo and exact brand colors when you design your personalized dress socks.

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Real people, fast service
Work directly with actual humans to create amazing socks.
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Certified woman-owned
The Sock Queen has been doing this for years.
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Clear pricing
No setup fees or other sneaky costs.
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Socks with a soul

5% of profits go towards providing socks to the homeless.

What People Love About Our Custom Quarter Socks

Based on 109 reviews
Captains Cup
Captains Cup
June 7, 2023
Lisa and her team at Spirit Sox USA were a dream to work with! We customized socks for a bodybuilding competition and EVERY SINGLE competitor loved them! Spirit Sox has set the bar high and we look forward to creating a new design with them every year. We already have competitors asking what they will look like next year! If you are curious about swag bag items or event merchandise, do yourself a favor and customize some socks with Spirit Sox!
Jamie Bullock
Jamie Bullock
May 23, 2023
We loved our experience with Spirit Sox USA! We needed socks for an upcoming event and it was a quick turnaround. I reached out to Lisa and she responded right away and we were able to get the custom socks in time. Lisa and Sydney were both amazing to work with and the participants of the event LOVED the fuzzy socks. I would highly recommend this company and we especially love that it’s women owned.
Judy Slack
Judy Slack
May 22, 2023
Spirit Sox USA was awesome to work with!
Leah Scott
Leah Scott
May 17, 2023
Fantastic customer service from start to finish! Lisa really took the time to get to know what I was looking for and accommodate every change along the way. The turn around time was so quick--thank you for fast tracking our order! The socks are so cute and the quality is excellent. I'm even wearing mine today. Thank you for helping us raise funds for the Angelman Syndrome Foundation. 13/10 would recommend!💙
Rhonda Sargent
Rhonda Sargent
May 12, 2023
I bought sock subscriptions for all my nieces and nephews, as well as my daughter and myself. We all love our socks and the surprise of 2 new designs every month. They’re beautiful and so comfortable- and a great conversation starter!!
Angela Anton
Angela Anton
May 4, 2023
We absolutely love our sox! So trendy and full of spirit! We even got some to support Cancer awareness. Softest sox ever and great way to add spirit from head to toe!
Alida Zimmerman
Alida Zimmerman
May 2, 2023
The Spirit Sox team is amazing. They worked with us quickly to create the perfect socks for our event. It was such a lovely experience and the socks are 10/10. Would highly recommend!
cassie omalley
cassie omalley
April 28, 2023
Amazing quality socks! So cute and loved that I really liked a pair and my husband really liked the other pair! Also cute little jokes with it on the inside is a fun little touch to it. I definitely recommend and plus, who doesn't love new fresh socks?!
Joy Mintiens
Joy Mintiens
April 5, 2023
Did a school fundraiser for the junior class. Everyone loved the quality and design! We plan on using them again.

How will you use your socks?

Trade show giveaways
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Sales call incentives
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Customer thank-you gifts
Kick-off meetings
Company celebrations
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Employee recognition
Sponsor giveaways
Event swag bags

Now, imagine being the mastermind behind your very own unique sock designs! Whether you want to unleash your inner fashion guru or showcase your team spirit, custom socks are the answer.

Quarter Crew Mountain Socks

Choose wild colors, funky patterns, personal pictures, or even add your own company logo to a quarter crew and voilà, a tailored product that screams “You-niqueness!” And you can get the socks in an athletic dress, or moisture-wicking style.

Give The Sock Queen and her team a call today to start custom designing your new quarter sock! Feel the freedom and pleasure of creating the exact product you want in high-quality, durable material. These socks also make incredible gifts since you can personalize a pair for truly anyone in your life, for any celebratory occasion, especially during those colder months.

They’re also the ultimate team spirit boosters too! Whether you’re on a sports team, a work crew, or a squad of movie enthusiasts, wearing matching customized quarter crew socks creates a sense of unity that’s really out of this world.

So, my sock-loving friend, embrace the Spirit Sox’s custom quarter sock opportunity today and contact our designers online or over the phone. We’re ready to bring your fun idea to life so step into a world where your feet feel special, and your style stands out – one custom sock at a time!

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Fireworks Socks
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