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Custom Socks Make Great Fundraisers

A Thank You From The AMAR Foundation One of the best things about my job is that I get to be a part of endeavors that help those truly in need, even if they’re halfway around the world. One organization I recently worked with, the AMAR Foundation, just completed its final push to help families in refugee camps in Iraq. Targeted by ISIS and hit hard by COVID-19, these families desperately needed help. Each sock purchase helped bring displaced families living in refugee camps throughout Iraq the life-changing benefits of 4 dental appointments, 4 ultrasounds, 4 vaccinations, 4 lab tests, 4 doctor

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Tips for Online Fundraising

Online fundraisers are becoming increasingly popular and an online presence for your fundraiser can make a difference in the amount of money you are able to raise. You can achieve more sales and increase the amount of money that your fundraising sale collects overall. Why is online fundraising beneficial? People can participate from anywhere — your fundraiser can reach people anywhere that has an internet connection (even on a smart phone or tablet), which greatly broadens the scope of who is able to participate. One example that stands out to us is that a customer in Minnesota purchased custom socks

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Swag Embraces and Encourages Good Culture

Do you know how big of an impact good workplace culture can have on your business or organization? According to SnagaJob, good culture decreases turnover from over 48% down to 13%. A large part of creating a good and structured culture somewhere is finding your identity. Once you find that identity, it’s important to showcase that to others – such as potential customers, co-workers, the community, etc. A great way of sharing and embracing an organization’s culture is through something known as swag. Basically, swag stands for stuff we all get. This can be a range of things, from pens

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Make 2021 a Year You Banish Burnout

Ready to start? Grab This Book! If you’re a professional woman feeling stressed and depleted by life’s demands, check out my friend Chris Vasiliadis’s book, Ignition: A Professional Woman’s Guide to Energized, Burnout-Proof Living. We want to avoid the winter blues as much as possible, so we’ve gathered some tips and tricks to help keep you energized and focused on your well-being! Avoid the Post-Holiday Burnout Blues “After the holiday excitement ends, it can be difficult to keep a positive outlook and get ready for a productive season in the new year. With so much possibility hanging on a new

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Build Spirit at Your School

How to Create and Grow School Spirit in 2020 Keeping spirits high is more important than ever with educators, students, and parents alike. With imagination, creativity, innovation, and positivity, school spirit can continue to grow and build with distance learning and all the challenges that 2020 has thrown at us! Studies have shown that school spirit and pride can result in better grades and attendance – which all contribute to a positive and healthy school culture, no matter where we are learning. With so many of us learning and teaching primarily through screens right now, this can seem like a

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month is Here

Often called “Pinktober,” October is officially Breast Cancer Awareness month, and you’ll often see a plethora of information regarding breast cancer during this time. This is because Breast Cancer awareness is extremely important and can help save lives, further research, and educate people. Early detection of Breast Cancer can make all the difference, and so, it’s important to be educated and aware of breast cancer not just in October, but every month of the year. According to Dr. Catherine Tuite, Section Chief of Breast Radiology and Associate Professor of Diagnostic Imaging at Fox Chase Cancer Center, “Patients are experiencing better

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