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5 Things 2020 Taught Me as a Small Business Owner

Written by Kayla Riggs — from the perspective of Lisa Riggs 2020 was the year no one could anticipate. Marked by tribulation and turmoil, uncertainty and irregularity, last year gave the term “unprecedented” an entirely new meaning. From a global pandemic to a divided country, 2020 forced us to change the way we socialize, work, and ultimately live. Most of all, however, 2020 showed us the resilience of one another — of doctors, parents, teachers, students, business owners, hairdressers, grandparents…of all of us. It taught us that human connection — that the love we share through actions both small and

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5 Sure Fire Ways to Guarantee a Successful School Fundraiser

Written by Leslie Martinez, Guest Contributor So, it’s happened. You have stepped up to the call of duty as a parent to lead the school fundraiser. If your mind is swirling with thoughts of “What have I done!” and “What in the world do I need to do first?,” just take a deep breath and release that ever-growing tightness in your neck (ahh . . . ). School fundraisers have been around for ages and many school fundraising ideas continue to be recycled with less than enthusiasm. Launching a school fundraiser isn’t rocket science but the end game is to

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custom socks created for the city of San Jose, California
Custom Logo Socks Help You Make Better Connections

What It Means to Connect Why do people wear shirts and hats (and anything else you can think of) emblazoned with their favorite sports team? Easy — to feel like they belong and to show everyone a little piece of who they are. It’s not just for big-name sports teams. That concept is true for your business, your event, or your fundraiser — when they’re excited about where they work, what they participate in or what they support, they want to show it.  I see examples of this every day in my work with all kinds of people who want custom socks

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Sock it to Test Anxiety

“The first time I administered a standardized test, two of my students became sick from test stress. As I finished reading the directions, a tiny girl raised her hand. Her eyes filled with tears and she told me she was “seeing colors.” It turned out; she was suffering from a migraine. Soon after, a boy raised his hand and asked to go to the nurse. He left the classroom quickly, and immediately threw up,” said Jill Eulberg, Veteran Educator, M.S. Special Education, on WGU.edu. Does this situation sound all too familiar? If so, you’ve probably dealt with test stress before

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Custom Socks Make Great Fundraisers

A Thank You From The AMAR Foundation One of the best things about my job is that I get to be a part of endeavors that help those truly in need, even if they’re halfway around the world. One organization I recently worked with, the AMAR Foundation, just completed its final push to help families in refugee camps in Iraq. Targeted by ISIS and hit hard by COVID-19, these families desperately needed help. Each sock purchase helped bring displaced families living in refugee camps throughout Iraq the life-changing benefits of 4 dental appointments, 4 ultrasounds, 4 vaccinations, 4 lab tests, 4 doctor

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Tips for Online Fundraising

Online fundraisers are becoming increasingly popular and an online presence for your fundraiser can make a difference in the amount of money you are able to raise. You can achieve more sales and increase the amount of money that your fundraising sale collects overall. Why is online fundraising beneficial? People can participate from anywhere — your fundraiser can reach people anywhere that has an internet connection (even on a smart phone or tablet), which greatly broadens the scope of who is able to participate. One example that stands out to us is that a customer in Minnesota purchased custom socks

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