5% of all profits go towards providing socks to the homeless


Where Can You Get Custom Socks Wholesale?

You can get custom socks wholesale right here at Spirit Sox USA. We specialize in customized socks for fundraisers, events, races, and more.

Custom socks are a great wholesale purchase because they’re easy to size, sell and store no matter what purpose you’ll use them for. (Socks don’t spoil, after all!)

When you’re buying custom socks in bulk, you’ll get the very best pricing — the more you buy, the lower the cost per pair. But shop smart to get the very best quality as well, or you might end up disappointed.

When you buy from Spirit Sox, you’ll get personalized socks that are:

  • Affordable (with absolutely no hidden fees!)
  • Custom-knit for the highest quality and comfort
  • A completely custom design — ready for you to approve the next business day
  • An exact match to your brand colors and logo
  • Produced by a certified Woman-Owned Business

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