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Can Custom Socks Have Text on the Bottom?

Custom Socks with Text on Bottom

Yes! Real custom socks (like the ones from us at Spirit Sox USA) can have text or graphics on the bottom. (Or the side, or the top — or anywhere!)

When you’re choosing custom socks, make sure what you’re paying for is high-quality and truly custom. We work with you to feature any graphic, logo and colors to match your brand. We custom-knit the socks just for you with yarn to match your specific colors.

The end result is durable, comfy socks you’ll be proud to show off and share with others!

How our custom sock design process works:

  1. Choose your sock type.
  2. Tell us how to get in touch with you.
  3. See design mockups in one business day.
  4. Approve your design.
  5. Show off your new socks!

Our leader, Lisa (The Sock Queen!), has been doing this for years and is ready to help you with yours! Click the button below to start the process.

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