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Sock it to Test Anxiety

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“The first time I administered a standardized test, two of my students became sick from test stress. As I finished reading the directions, a tiny girl raised her hand. Her eyes filled with tears and she told me she was “seeing colors.” It turned out; she was suffering from a migraine. Soon after, a boy raised his hand and asked to go to the nurse. He left the classroom quickly, and immediately threw up,” said Jill Eulberg, Veteran Educator, M.S. Special Education, on WGU.edu.

Does this situation sound all too familiar? If so, you’ve probably dealt with test stress before and are familiar with the anxiousness and the horrible feelings that can occur before any big test. You may have studied hard to prepare, but as soon as you walk into the testing room, all the answers fly out of your head. This is commonly known as test stress or test anxiety.

What is Text Anxiety?
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While it’s perfectly normal to feel some butterflies in your stomach before a big test, test anxiety can often be debilitating. Not only are you feeling mentally anxious, but you’re also experiencing physical signs of stress, such as:
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Headache/migraine
  • Nausea
So, the big question is —  how do we treat and overcome test anxiety?
A Stress-Busting Technique
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Find your stress-busting technique that works for you! We recently worked with some BRILLIANT schools to create Sock it to the Test socks! We made kick-ass socks to give to all the kids to wear during their testing. So, if the kids got nervous or overwhelmed, they could just look down at their feet, see the socks, and know that the school was with them, supporting them every step of the way. This worked for every age level — elementary through high school, and, no lies, the test scores for every school that did this came back higher than the year before. One elementary school in Oklahoma didn’t want to leave out the K-2nd graders who don’t take the test yet, so they sold the socks as a fundraiser to all of the students in the younger grades. Then the principal seriously rocked their socks by bringing in a DJ and having a Sock Hop in the cafeteria the day testing ended!

Are you interested in your own pair of Sock it to the Test Socks? Contact us TODAY to get started!

Experts also recommend:

  • Getting plenty of sleep.
  • Talking with your teacher/staff so they know what’s going on.
  • Study earlier and in similar places.
  • Study efficiently.
  • Learn some relaxation techniques.
  • Try some exercise.
  • Don’t forget to eat and drink.
  • See a professional counselor, if necessary.
  • Focus on breathing and positive thoughts.

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