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Make 2021 a Year You Banish Burnout

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If you’re a professional woman feeling stressed and depleted by life’s demands, check out my friend Chris Vasiliadis’s book, Ignition: A Professional Woman’s Guide to Energized, Burnout-Proof Living.

We want to avoid the winter blues as much as possible, so we’ve gathered some tips and tricks to help keep you energized and focused on your well-being!

Avoid the Post-Holiday Burnout Blues
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“After the holiday excitement ends, it can be difficult to keep a positive outlook and get ready for a productive season in the new year. With so much possibility hanging on a new year’s beginning, it can feel overwhelming and we can experience burnout quickly. Whether you’re working as a student, teacher, employee, parent, etc., it’s a common time to start making resolutions. However, it’s important to remember to also take time for yourself and recharge to avoid post-holiday burnout.

We want to avoid the winter blues as much as possible, so we’ve gathered some tips and tricks to help keep you energized and focused on your wellbeing!


You Have the Power
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The great news is that you have the power to make choices and regain balance in your life. Oftentimes, burnout coincides with an unbalanced life. Maybe work is taking up too much of your life, or your at-home choices aren’t healthy. Whatever the imbalance may be, try to take the time and discover where the imbalance is coming from. In a culture that glorifies productivity and being busy 24/7, we can often get lost in the hustle and bustle.

Remember to pause before the new year begins. It can often feel like full steam ahead is necessary, but it’s not. Try slowing down and finding ways to take a breather. It might be a lazy Sunday here and there, or just taking a few moments each day to close your eyes and take a breath. With terms like “self-care” being thrown around all the time, it can make it seem like doing something for yourself has to be a huge ordeal. In reality, we may only need a few minutes a day to give ourselves a boost.

Managing Burnout
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A study done by the International Journal of Stress Management showed that a whopping 90% of burned-out workers met the diagnostic criteria for depression, suggesting that burnout may be a depressive syndrome.

Maybe it’s time to examine past years of burnout to discover what’s gone wrong. Knowing is the first step of overcoming anything! Be honest about your resolutions and remember what truly makes you happy when you reflect. It’s also important to note that going through burnout doesn’t have to be a solo act. Finding help in others can make tasks seem less daunting and can make things simpler and more enjoyable.

Click here for some ideas on managing burnout

More tips on burnout:

  • Schedule some fun
  • Start an office/school book club
  • Ask for flexibility
  • Learn something new
  • Change up your schedule
  • Give yourself time to recharge
  • Fill your day with joy
  • Take a nap

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