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Newsletter – November 2023

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Newsletter -November 2023

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Socks to Support Diversity at Comcast!

Comcast Custom Socks

In a world that presents challenges for many groups, there is a great need for efforts to champion diversity and mutual support. It brought us so much joy to earn the privilege of creating socks for Comcast’s Volunteer Employee Resource Group.

As the most universally wearable garment, socks are the perfect gift to symbolize and foster unity. We love that our socks are contributing to this wonderful diversity and inclusion initiative.

Learn more about how socks can make a difference.


We Honor Our Veterans!

Veterans’ Day is this month! As one of our very first customers, it was an absolute joy to create socks for The Honor Group’s Honor Bowl. The Honor Group has a strong relationship with the U.S. Marine Corps and recognizes the importance of educating students, coaches, and communities about patriotism and the sacrifices of our veterans.

I attended the Honor Bowl with my husband, kids, and parents. It was great fun to see the players wearing our socks and watching the spectators’ excitement to buy them. The proceeds from the sales of our socks went toward support for injured, ill, and wounded veterans.

Thank You to Our Veterans for Your Service!


School Mascot Custom Socks by Spirit Sox USA


Does a fun design come to mind?

January 1:  Eat a Red Apple Day

January 4:  National Spaghetti Day

January 5:  National Bird Day

January 11:  National Milk Day

January 15:  National Hat Day

January 19:  National Popcorn Day

January 21:  National Hug Day

January 24:  National Peanut Butter Day

January 31:  National Hot Chocolate Day

Ready to make a bold statement for 2024?  

Let’s get festive!

Let’s get creative and make it happen!


Our Black Friday Sale is Here!

It’s almost here! The best deal of the season. Get 50% off on our entire Sock Shop collection with code BLACKFRIDAY50 from November 20-27, 2023! We have a wide variety to fit all interests and styles from holiday to everyday. And be sure to check out our holiday bundles – all available now!


Thank You for Telling Your Friends About Us!

We are always grateful for your referrals and will continue our referral program into the holiday season! We will send you a $50 e-gift card for each person you refer who places a 150+ sock order by the end of 2023. Submit your referrals here

Warm Fuzzies for Cancer Patients

The gift of socks can be powerful. This cancer patient received a surprise gift of socks from a non-profit organization that collects socks for cancer patients. They made her feet warm during treatment, and they made her feel loved. We just love this!

Fun Fact:

The term ‘sock’ comes from the Old English word ‘socc,’ meaning ‘light slipper,’ which was derived from the Latin word ‘soccus’ that described a low-heeled shoe worn by Roman comic actors. The Latin word was derived from Ancient Greek ‘sychos’.


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