5% of all profits go towards providing socks to the homeless


What Is the Best Custom Sock Company?

Spirit Sox USA is the best custom sock company for high-quality personalized socks that show off your brand, company, school, or organization.

Our founder, Lisa Riggs, started the company from scratch after struggling to find an easy-to-work-with business that could create custom socks for a school fundraiser. She knew there must be a better way, so she set out to create the best custom sock company in the country.

Lisa strives for your Spirit Sox experience to be:

  • Fun: Custom socks are just plain awesome, so how can you not be having fun with them?
  • Simple: Dealing with Spirit Sox USA is simple and streamlined — you’ll never talk to someone in a call center who struggles to find your order. Lisa’s on top of it all.
  • Efficient: The Spirit Sox USA experience is fast and easy — choose a design and then just wait for your socks to arrive.
  • On-Brand: Because Spirit Sox USA socks are custom-knit, we can recreate your logo with your exact colors and place it wherever you want on the sock. No stock templates here! We can also add any additional art you can dream up to create a truly unique sock that will spread the word about your event, business, school or cause.
  • Affordable: Because you’re buying in bulk, we can offer you custom socks for a reasonable cost. If you’re using them for a fundraiser, purchasing at a lower price will help you maximize the money you raise for your organization.
  • Rewarding: 5% of all profits are donated to supplying socks for the homeless throughout the United States.
Start Your Socks!

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