Crazy Socks: How Wearing Exciting Socks Can Make You More Successful!

mis-matched socks: stripe and polka dots

Bring out the crazy rainbow striped socks, the pizza socks, and all the kitten or dog-printed pairs. Chances are, you’ve shoved everything categorized as “crazy socks” to the back of your drawer. However, a Harvard University study has shown that wearing bold socks can make you more successful. So, it’s time for your secret socks to see the light of day. Maybe now it’s time to have a dedicated “crazy socks” drawer. It’ll probably be your favorite.

Against the Norm

According to a study by the Journal of Consumer Research, people who go against the norm are often more competent than those who do conform. When people see you wearing odd socks, they see you as creative and intelligent. Sock uniqueness also shows a carefree attitude. Wearing pink, polka-dot socks may make you stand out and look open-minded. On the flip side, simple, black socks may not perceive confidence and individuality.

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Bring out your crazy socks, and bring on the Success!

Socks aren’t immediately seen in an outfit, so it’s a great way to make a subtle statement. When Harvard University conducted their study, they saw that everyone reacted positively to people wearing crazy socks. This shows that even though socks are not immediately seen, they make an impact.

“We proposed that, under certain conditions, nonconforming behaviors can be more beneficial to someone than simply trying to fit in. In other words, when it looks deliberate, a person can appear to have a higher status and sense of competency,” stated authors of the study, Silvia Bellezza, Francesca Gino and Anat Keinan from Harvard University.

So, whether you consider yourself successful or not, bold socks may be the ticket to leading others into seeing you as brilliant. When others seeyou as successful, you are more likely to see yourself likewise. Something as simple as going against the grain with your clothing can impact your self-confidence. Once your confidence is growing, your success can grow too.

3 people wearing crazy socks

Crazy Socks at Spirit Sox USA

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