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Sustainable Bamboo Dress Socks

We've been working hard to bring you eco-friendly
bamboo socks to you.
  • Extremely soft,  with long-lasting durability
  • Produced more sustainably than other common textiles
  • Naturally deodorizer with superior breathability
Product Name 200 500 1000 2500+
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Why Choose Our Eco-friendly Custom Socks?

Bamboo fabrics are capable of acting as a natural deodorize compared to cotton, nylon blends, and polyester. As a natural fiber, bamboo is also considered an excellent insulator. Due to the structure from bamboo, the cloth made from its fibers are softer than cottons or other textiles. 

Spirit Sox helps you give this incredible cloth the ability to be made into custom eco-friendly dress socks with the ability to conform and stretch to your feet while feeling like a second skin. Socks made from sustainable bamboo allow you to feel confident that even after hundreds of washes, they will return to their original form. You will find that with these sustainable socks, you will forget you are wearing them until somebody notices the personalized design. To make your purchase more eco-friendly, we offer sustainable packing options. 

Why Sustainability Matters

The world of fashion has been developing fabrics to not only feel good, but produced ethically and sustainably. Spirit Sox is excited to offer eco-friendly dress socks that provide all day comfort. You may be asking how is bamboo sustainable and comfortable when used as a textile.  Bamboo is a fast growing plant – about 12 inches of growth a day, and from seed to harvest, it only takes about three to four years. 

Bamboo is a hardy plant and can be grown in environments that other plants may find difficult to live in. Bamboo crops require little to no outside irrigation. By only relying on rainfall, farmers rarely need to assist the plant. With a robust root network, bamboo can regrow and replenish on its own eliminating the need for tending as well as the need for fertilizer and pesticide. The root system also hosts millions of microbial worlds that assist in reviving soil quality and can help prevent erosion. Bamboo production is more sustainable than most other commercially available fabrics, such as cotton. 

“Lisa and Spirit Sox USA are awesome! So impressed! I'm sure we were not their easiest customer, as we had very specific requirements for our company socks and masks. But Lisa was amazing! She's a model for anyone who deals with customers and wants to do it right. And the product? First class!”
Neil L.
Founder & CEO
“Our customized socks—representing our maple syrup company—turned out fantastic! Lisa worked with us through the design phase, giving us several options, and she listened to all of our questions. We would highly recommend working with Spirit Sox USA!”
Will W.
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