Grad Night Fundraiser

Image of California State Senator Jim Beall holding his Spirit Socks.

Jim Beall holding his Spirit Sox!
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The Grad Night Fundraiser Committee is Formed

I call it “Walking the Walk”. My son is a Senior in high school and I have volunteered to run the Grad Night Committee. (For anyone who doesn’t know, Grad Night is a fun, safe, overnight event that is planned for the kids the night of Graduation.) Anyways, in order to pull off this huge event for the entire senior class, what do we need? Money! How do we get it? Sell tickets? Actually, not entirely. We want Grad Night to be affordable for every student AND we want to offer scholarships, so what do we do? Have a Grad Night FUNDRAISER!

So when you are running Grad Night and need to fundraise, and you happen to own a company that offers a fundraising opportunity, you “Walk the Walk”.

The Grad Night Fundraiser Committee went all in – we ordered 250 customized Prospect socks and 250 Pink Panther breast cancer awareness socks. If we sell them all, we raise thousands of dollars and get that much closer to our fundraising goal.

A Surprise While Selling Socks!

One way we are selling the socks is at football games. Two-weeks ago, I had my table selling socks at the football game while cheering on our Panthers. Up walks, Jim Beall, a California State Senator that I admire and have voted for. I kinda got my geek on and got a little star struck by Jim – it’s pretty cool to meet a State Senator at your son’s football game! Anyways, he asks me about the Prospect socks to buy them for a friend of his.

His friend is Nancy McFadden, the Executive Secretary to Governor, Jerry Brown. Prospect Alums in high places!!

Jim so kindly bought a pair of blue and gold Prospect socks, to support our grad night fundraiser, for Nancy and delivered them as a gift to her the next week. So now Spirit Sox are officially in the California State Capital! Where to next?!