Spirit Sox USA Receives the BBB A+ Rating!

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“The Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) tagline is serve with trust. Ethics and integrity is extremely important to them and to me. It’s the way I’ve always run my business and how I always will,” said Lisa Riggs, CEO and founder of Spirit Sox USA. The BBB A+ rating provides a recognizable validation.

Serving her customers the highest-quality products for the best price is Lisa’s mission. She has been creating trusting relationships with her customers since she began Spirit Sox USA. As a mom who’d been volunteering at her children’s schools, Lisa created a fundraiser that could bring in great profits. Over 50% in profits per pair of socks, to be exact. Plus, who doesn’t love rocking their school pride on a pair of socks? The possibilities are endless!

In April 2019, Lisa’s passion for her work lead her to apply for a BBB A+ rating and accreditation. After reading through what the BBB looks for in a company, she knew it was a perfect fit. She had been running her business with integrity for many years. She hoped that the BBB would recognize her mission.

“I have been running the business the way I feel is right. Our main goal is to help customers raise money for the organizations they care about,” said Lisa.

The BBB A+ Rating Process

The application required Lisa to showcase her ethics. She had to discuss examples of customer interactions. The BBB A+ rating process looked for many aspects in her work, such as:

  • Trust and a positive track record
  • Honest advertising and representation of products
  • Transparency
  • Honoring promises
  • Being responsive and professional in all manners

“I applied and then I had about a 45-minute phone interview with the BBB. I knew right after the interview that I was accredited,” said Lisa. “I got our packet in the mail a few weeks later and saw that we had received an A+ rating. I was thrilled!”

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The Real Importance of the BBB A+ Rating

Lisa is excited about her A+ rating and plans on continuing her business with the same level of trust and professionalism that she always commits to. For more information about Spirit Sox USA, please visit our About Page. We are thrilled to bring such high-quality products and service to our customers. We are so proud and honored to have received our BBB A+ rating.

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