Top 5 Curious Facts About the History of Socks

Socks are a great way to make a statement in any outfit and also show off your favorite colors and styles. Nowadays, you can purchase fun socks that support your school or business, have funny sayings, crazy patterns, and numerous other varieties that might suit your fancy. Yet, how much do we really know about the true purpose or history of socks? Let’s discover 5 little know, random “sock facts” that will astonish you and your fellow sock lovers!

#1 Origin in the word

ancient split-toed socks

How about this historical sock fact. The word sock is actually from the old English word socc, which was originally derived from the Latin word soccus. A soccus was a loose-fitting, light slipper worn by comic actors during Roman times. Before the Romans and their lighter version of socks, the Greeks were creating warmer socks from matted animal hair, and the Egyptians were hand-knitting cloth socks with visible toe splits.

#2 Cavemen in sox

Even before the Egyptians were rocking socks and sandals, experts believe that cavemen were the very first to wear socks. These socks would have been more rudimentary and primarily made out of animals skins that were wrapped around their feet and tied at the ankle to provide warmth. Fuzzy slippers, anyone?

#3 High Dollar Socks

Group of Peruvian vicuña

The world’s most expensive pair of socks is created by Falke, a luxury brand from Germany. The socks sell for $1,188 a pair and are made of Vicuna. According to a 2013 article in, “Vicuna fabric is made from the ultra fine hair of the Peruvian Vicuna (a llama-like animal).” These socks are only sold in the autumn/winter months and only a limited batch of the caramel-colored socks are created.

#4 The Biggest Sock Drawer in the World

The ultra-rich Sultan of Brunei, which is located on the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia, owns the largest sock drawer in the world. It even has its own staff of 30 people. The drawer is spread out over three stories of the Sultan’s mansion. I wonder if he owns a pair of the Falke Vicuna socks in one of those drawers?

#5 Government Organization for Lost Socks?

The building and workers of the supposed bureau of missing socks.

Humorous sock history “fact”: Some blogs claim that The Bureau of Missing Socks is a legit government agency. It states that it was founded by Union soldier during the Civil War, whose task was to make sure every sock had its mate. The missing sock phenomenon was his mission that continued throughout the years. While this idea is delightful, the truth of the matter is, the Bureau of Missing Socks is an internet hoax – and a funny one at that. Raise your hand if you wonder where all your missing socks go!

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