City Team Community Services

Ah, the holidays. The busyness of the season. The food, the parties, finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list. And the list – it just goes on and on. And sometimes, in the merriment and craziness of it all, one of the most important things about this season gets lost – Giving. Today, on December 21, I paused my busy schedule to remember that Giving, not just to my friends and loved ones, is what this season is all about. And with temperatures dropping into the 20s overnight (yes, even in California it can get that cold!), there was no better time than the present. It was difficult to select the right organization, but I decided that CityTeam Community Services was a way to help the most people in my local community.

Spirit Sox USA proudly donates 5% of it’s profits to charity. I didn’t do the math on this one to find out if the 5% had been accrued, I just wanted to help. And with warm socks sitting as inventory, I had the perfect gift.

500 pairs of warm cozy socks were donated by Spirit Sox USA to City Team Community Services. Through this vital program, the critical needs of Santa Clara County living below the poverty line are met by providing food, boxes, backpacks, school supplies, diapers, clothing, household goods, and yes, warm socks.

As a native of San Jose, I am proud to be able to do my little part to help our homeless population. And I’m reminded that if we all did something small for others, what a kind and generous world we could create.