What the Experts Say About Fundraising for Schools

Holding a school fundraiser is a wonderful way for schools and their extracurricular activities, sports teams, clubs, etc. to raise extra money for their educational endeavors and events. We grabbed some of our favorite tips and tricks from the pros to make sure you’ll have an exciting, profitable fundraiser.

1  Have a Clear Vision and Begin Early

Knowing exactly what you want to achieve with your fundraiser is a great way to begin, and it allows you to be knowledgeable and excited about your goals. This can-do approach will help spark your community to also share your excitement. Set your goals and lay the groundwork as early as possible to give you a good amount of time to spread awareness about your fundraiser and start raising funds.

2  Plan for Victory

Once your goals are in place, it’s important to get down to the nitty-gritty and create a successful strategy for your fundraiser. According to FinalSite’s blog, a strategy should “define your fundraising goals, identify strategic relationships, specify your key strengths, and list your priorities.” Then, you can decide on which tools you will use to market your fundraiser, and you can determine roles and activities.

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3  Keep Everyone Informed and Get Kiddos Involved

Fundraising for schools is a great skill-building activity. Kids can learn how to start conversations and reach talking points, all while increasing school spirit! Incentives like pizza parties or little goodie bags are also a fun way to get kids interested and involved.

Remember to keep parents and teachers informed on all fundraising initiatives and objectives, so they know what their children/students are helping with.

4  Expand Your Support and Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for More

Remember that a school fundraiser can go outside the community for support and ideas. Take your ideas and fundraising tactics to your book club, workplace, community events, and even online. There are many online forums and tools that can give great advice for fundraising. There are even sheets and pre-made fundraising guides you can download, which allow you to gain a new perspective!

5  Take It in Stride

Although creating goals and strategies early on will help tremendously with stress and organization, not everything falls into place like we’d hope. Know that it’s okay to take your time and enjoy the fundraising process. Ask for more volunteers if needed and create timelines that are realistic to your goals, and your sanity.

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